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Food delivery App Design in Adobe XD

The Food delivery app design in Adobe XD will be presented in this article. Before the development of any software, there are some important steps to be performed. One of those steps is designing the software. So there are different tools available to create the interface and design of the software.

The main advantage of the design is that it provides clear instructions for developers about the interface apart from this the resulting software is attractive and good-looking. Here is the design for the food delivery application.

Food delivery app design view

Food delivery app design in Adobe XD for free.

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So some main features of this food delivery application are mentioned below.

  • User login and registration
  • Introduction screens
  • Menu of available items
  • Favourite food
  • User profile Management
  • User food ordering option
  • Payment option
  • About Page
  • Search Option
  • Password reset option
  • OTP option

Login and Registration page

Food Delivery App in XD ui loign

Users can log in and signup for an account. From where users will be able to view the available food items and order any of these. User can also reset their password in case if they forgot their password. There is also an option of OTP so that the user account can be secured.

Onboarding Screens

Food Delivery App in XD ui loign
Food Delivery App in XD ui loign

There are also some introductory screens in this food delivery app design in Adobe XD. These screens help users to know a little bit about the use of the application.

Food Menu in Food delivery app design

Food Delivery App in XD ui loign
Food Delivery App in XD ui loign

Available items can be displayed in different designs. There is a small slider on the home screen. Apart from that, there are also some screens to view all items and favourite items.

Food Delivery App in XD ui loign

As the design is clear and free available to download. So that you can take advantage of this.