Use WhatsApp on Multiple devices

Use WhatsApp on multiple devices – WhatsApp update

WhatsApp on multiple devices is now possible. Now WhatsApp users can use WhatsApp on multiple phones without connecting their phone to the internet. With this new update now it is easy to use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a famous chat application and most users like it due to its easy availability and fast speed with security. WhatsApp is always trying to make the performance better with time and provide easiness for users. In one of my previous post, I posted about WhatsApp update coming, there were a lot of options like stickers and others, but the one main thing was using WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time.

Advantage of WhatsApp on multiple devices

The main advantage of this feature is that now there will be no need for a phone connection for using WhatsApp on other devices. So for using WhatsApp now just log in one time to WhatsApp web and then use it easily.

This is now in the beta version but it is working fine. For now, WhatsApp is allowing to connect up to four different devices with this feature.

How to connect WhatsApp on multiple mobiles

The process is quite simple for using this feature of WhatsApp.

  1. Simple open WhatsApp application
  2. Navigate to Setting
  3. Open Linked devices
  4. From there click on Multiple-device Beta
  5. Then open WhatsApp web and scan barcode
  6. It’s done, now you can use WhatsApp web without connecting your phone to internet.
use WhatsApp on multiple devices
Open linked devices option in WhatsApp application
after connecting to WhatsApp through multiple-device option

So that was all about the cool features added in WhatsApp and hope you will like this feature as I liked it because now there is no need for a phone to be connected every time you use WhatsApp. But also remember something that do not forget to connect add your WhatsApp on some public or others device, they might be able to access your chat data.

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