Free hosting for static websites

Free hosting For Static Website

Free hosting is necessary thing to keep your practice projects or share your work with other people. In this post you will know about free best hosting for your static websites with free domain name. As there are a lot of free website hosting but the one which is easy to use with free domain is

If you need fee hosting for backend websites that have server side language used or databases click here to read

Setup free hosting for static site

  • First Go to and create free account.
  • Then login to account
  • Simple drag and drop your project folder to host your site for free

After following the sample sign up and login process this page will appear.

free hosting dotcode
Netlify Free hosting

Upload website from computer to free hosting

Navigate to site tab

Free hosting dotcode
Site tab

Now to use, simply drag and drop folder of your project.

In sometime the project will be uploaded

Site uploaded

As the above screen will appear which show that site is successfully hosted for free. And now our site is hosted for free with free domain.

If you want to add your custom domain or change the domain name then follow the post.

Change Domain name in Netlify

Click on the domain setting.

Change domain name in netlify
Change Domain name

For adding your custom domain name click on Add custom domain or for just changing the existing sub domain name click on Options and then on Edit site name.

host free website
Change Domain name

In my case I will just only change subdomain and will give it new name as

free hosting and domain
Name changed and click on save

Now my site will be accessible on

Site uploaded and hosted fee with fee domain

Upload site from Git to Netlify

If you want to upload you site from GitHub, Gitbucket or GitLab then in site tab click on New site from Git

Upload site from Git to Netlify

Then select the account from which you want to upload project to host free and continue to connect your account that’s it! Feel free to ask in comment section if you face any issue or you want article on some new issue.

Connect git

Watch Video if have any doubt