Complete HTML CSS course in Pashto dotcode

Complete HTML CSS Course in Pashto

If you want to start web development then here is a Complete HTML CSS Course in Pashto for you. As HTML CSS is the basics of web development everyone who wants to start web development should have knowledge of HTML and CSS. So I brought you a free course on HTML and CSS for free. This is an HTML CSS course for absolute beginners who want to start web development or can take subject training for educational purposes. The course is well structured and has real-world projects build.

Who can take this HTML CSS course in Pashto?

This course is for absolute beginners, who want to start website development. So feel easy and join the course to learn website development HTML CSS course in Pashto. However, one thing is necessary, that you should have basic knowledge of computer use.

Content of HTML CSS basic course

  • HTML tags
  • CSS Properties
  • Float in css in Pashto
  • CSS Columns
  • Background images
  • CSS classes and Ids
  • Gradient in CSS
  • Advance CSS Properties
  • Best editor for development
  • Also Good tools for web development
  • And much more advance properties

Watch Video get an idea of what you will learn after this course

You can download the source code of the course from Github Click Here.

Complete Course Playlist is here