How to install windows 11

How to install Windows 11 – Windows 11 Released

In this post you will learn that How to install Windows 11. Windows 11 is the upcoming Windows of Microsoft. Windows 11 release date is 24 June, 2021. The design of Windows are improved and the look and feel is now simple and clear. Here you will learn how to install Windows 11 on your PC. You can install Windows 11 on your laptop or desktop easily because the installation procedure is similar to Windows 10 installation. So lets start installation of Windows 11.

Way to Install Windows 11

1. Boot Windows 11 into USB or other storage device

For booting Windows 11 to USB use . The procedure of Booting Windows 11 is simple.

2. Start installation of Windows 11

Connect USB to your PC and restart computer. When the logo appear on the screen press boot key ( Boot key is different for different computers, search your PC model boot key and the press that).

Then select the USB in which you booted Windows 11. The Installation screen will appear in a moment. Click Next.

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Install Windows 11

Then in next step put product key if you have or skip if you don’t have.

Install Windows 11 activation key
Product key option

The select the Operating system which you want to install and click next.

How to Install Windows 11
Select operating system

Accept term and conditions and click next.

Install Windows 11
Accept terms and conditions

If you want to Upgrade existing Windows 10 or other to Windows 11 and keep your applications and other data select the first option Upgrade. Or if you want to remove existing operating system and install fresh Windows 11 the select Custom.

Install Windows 11
Select method for Upgrade or Custom Installation

In case you select Custom installation then select the partition in which you want to install Windows 11.

Install Windows 11
Select partition in case of Custom Installation

The installation is started now wait till it completes.

Install Windows 11 start
Installation in Progress

When installation of Windows 11 is completed then you PC will restart automatically in 10 seconds. Then remove USB or other installation device and it will take a while to setup things for you.

Install Windows 11 completed
Installation completed

Select your region. Then connect to network.

How to Install Windows 11

As you connected to network now the next option is to sign in to your existing Microsoft account or create new.

Install Windows 11 sign in

Then setup pin code for your Windows 11

Install Windows 11 setup pin code

If you want to sync your file to one drive the click the first option otherwise select the second option

Install Windows 11 onedrive setup

Then wait a few moment and you will be there on Windows 11.

Install Windows 11