Use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

WhatsApp multiple devices update – Use WhatsApp on multiple devices

Through WhatsApp multiple devices update, users can use WhatsApp on multiple devices. Recently WhatsApp launched some cool features which are useful for users. One of the main features was to sync WhatsApp chat on multiple devices. The good feature is to sync chat on multiple devices. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and they are making updates regularly and making it more efficient and easy to use, but this one feature is so cool. So with the help of this feature it is now too easy to use WhatsApp.

Some main features which was recently launched.

  • 2x voice message play.
  • Vaccine Stickers pack from WHO
  • User account on multiple devices

2x voice message play WhatsApp Update

This cool feature helps to play the voice message with fast speed. This is good for busy people, who have no time to listen to slow messages. There are 3 options available 1x, 1.5x and 2x. Just play other people’s voices in 2x and enjoy it!

whatsapp fast play update
WhatsApp fast play update

Vaccine Stickers pack from WHO

A new sticker pack is now available in WhatsApp,WHO (World Health Organization) develop this pack. The purpose is to spread awareness about Covid-19 vaccines. Hope in these days this pack are using more because people are discussing this matter the most these days.

WhatsApp multiple devices update
WhatsApp multiple devices update

User account on multiple devices

Through this feature users will be able to sync chats on multiple devices. It means that now users can use one WhatsApp account on multiple devices. This feature of WhatsApp update to use on multiple devices is available in the beta version of WhatsApp and they will add it to next update. Through WhatsApp multiple devices update it’s easy for users to manage their account easily and connect with friends and family.

Through the feature of using WhatsApp on multiple devices if is possible to connect upto 4 different devices.

Apart from this WhatsApp also made some updates regarding their WhatsApp business application and now businesses can communicate with their customers quickly and easily.