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How to prevent virus in computer and stay safe

While using computers or smartphone, everyone is sensitive about their security and want to be safe and want to prevent the virus in computer

But there are some bad people who always try to steal user data. Here are some tips which should be followed before installing any software to your system so that to keep the computer safe from viruses and malware attacks and prevent viruses on the computer.

It is necessary to stay safe from computer viruses and make computers safe against virus attacks.

  1. Do not install software from untrusty source. Always try to visit official website for downloading software.
  2. Scan file before installation.

Scan files before installation to prevent virus in computer

This is good practice to scan files before executing them on your computer. For scanning virus, there is an online website available which do this task perfectly.

Visit and upload your file there to scan for viruses.

  1. Scan file with virustotal

Open then upload a file.

The file can be uploaded by clicking on Choose file or simply drag and drop the file.

After some time the report of the file will be generated. If the file contains a virus the report will be similar to like this

This file contains a virus

There is also an option available to see community comment to the file. You can also add your comment if you are logged in.

Community comment about the file

If the file is safe and free of viruses the result will be like this

The file is safe and contains no virus

2. Scan links with virustotal

If a file is located on some online server or website user can simply put that file link on the webpage to see it if contains some virus.

First, switch to the URL tab and then paste a link here.

Scan URL for virus diagnosis

As I paste some URLs for demo purposes and hit enter now after some time it generates the result for me.

The URL is safe and contains no virus

3. Scan domain or IP

Users can also scan domains and IPs of websites to see whether it is free of virus or not, for this purpose switch to search tab and paste or type URL of the site.

prevent virus in computer
Scan website

By following these steps hope you will be able to prevent the virus in computer and will be safe from computer virus.

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