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Is Gb Whatsapp Safe – Risks of GbWhatsapp

GbWhatsapp is modified version of WhatsApp but the main question is that Is Gb Whatsapp Safe? It should be clear that Gb Whatsapp is not official version of app. It have many features like:

  • Auto-Reply Feature
  • It Hide message delivered
  • Hide read recipets
    • Can Hide last seen
  • Set Group name upto 35 characters
  • Ability to save others WhatsApp staus to phone
  • Send video upto 16GB
  • Send 90 images in a single click
  • Change the according to their choice
  • Lock private chat with Password and many more

Now the main thing come that Is Gb Whatsapp safe?

Well it depends on user that for which purpose user is using Gb Whatsapp. I will put the reasons that why you should not use Gb Whatsapp because it is not safe enough.

  • It is not official version of WhatsApp .
  • WhatsApp can banned your account any time if you were using Gb Whatsapp.
  • Your private chats may be exposed to third party.
  • May steal your personal information.
  • May inject virus to your mobile.
  • No official support and updates.
  • Not provided by authenticated company.

As I scanned the apk file of Gb whatsapp by download from internet and scan it for virus threats to find that is Gb Whatsapp safe to use or not. And I found some virus threats in Gb whatsapp. This result was not for only one version of Gb Whatsapp but I scanned two different versions both have the same threat (A.gray.VenomBanshee).

Is Gb Whatsapp safe
Gb Whatsapp scan result

Now from the above report you will be clear about Gb Whatsapp risk. As now it depends on the user whether they want to use cool features of Gb Whatsapp and compromise their security or they want to stick to official version of WhatsApp and stay safe for any bad situation and compromising their security.

As on the backend Gb Whatsapp is using orignal WhatsApp code with some modifications. So developer might add some virus if wants to add.