Typing App in JavaScript dot code

Build typing game in JavaScript with free source code

Build typing game in JavaScript, yes with the help of JavaScript you can do whatever you want. From a simple website to big servers and microcontrollers programming can be performed in JavaScript. Here is a small typing practice application made in JavaScript.

I named this small piece of code as Typing Trainee so there are some features of this typing app in JavaScript.

Features of Typing game in JavaScript

  • Helps to practice more typing
  • Show error message by wrong typing
  • Record time taken during completing paragraph
  • Show words per minute speed of typing
  • Restart the current text
  • Change to new text if you don’t want to type the given text
  • Show result at the end of game

This is the interface of typing trainee which is built-in JavaScript.

Record Time while typing paragraph

Record Time while typing paragraph

The JavaScript set time interval function is used for recording the time of the typing. So you can see the practical example of JavaScript built-in functions.

JavaScript setInterval function use
Set time interval function use

And below is the front end of that time.

Record Time while typing paragraph set time interval use

Show error message on wrong typing

The Typing Trainee also shows useful errors when there is a spelling mistake. So that user can remove the mistake and continue the typing. This helps the user to focus on accuracy during typing on a keyboard.

So here is the logic of checking spelling mistakes.

  • On changing the input value, the whole input string is split into characters.
  • Then the length of typed characters is stored in a variable.
  • The program get the exact number of characters form the start of actual paragraph.
  • And then compare it with the typed characters
  • If they do not match, it display an error message.
In correct word error message dot code
Incorrect Word error message

Result display option

At the end of every typing test, the application shows result which contains, time taken and average typing speed.

Dot Code javascript practical use
Result of the typing

Download Source Code of the typing application in JavaScript