Create GPA Calculator in JavaScript

Create GPA Calculator In JavaScript With Free Source Code

Creating GPA Calculator In JavaScript is so easy. JavaScript is a programming language and is famous for client-side programming in websites. But it can also be used on the server-side, mobile applications, and desktop applications development.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages.

To create GPA calculator in JavaScript

A web-based simple GPA calculator is developed in JavaScript which will take input from the user and give the result of the calculated value. The interface is developed in HTML, CSS to make it more attractive, and dynamic GPA calculation is performed by JavaScript.

GPA calculator in JavaScript
GPA calculator interface

GPA Caclulation formula

The formula through which the calculation of GPA is made is (Grades x Credits Hrs Of subject)/ Total Subjects Credit hours. And the table of all GPA lists with respect to obtained marks is shown below.

85 to 1004.00
80 to 843.67
75 to 793.33
71 to 743.00
68 to 702.67
64 to 672.33
61 to 632.00
58 to 601.66
50 to 571.00
0 to 560.00

The GPA of single subject is calculated on the basis of this above table. Which shows that above 84 grades will be 4.00 and so on.

Features of GPA Calculator

  • Get values and restriction on input type to now put characters in credit hours, and marks.
  • Reset the result
  • Calculate the final values
  • Good User interface
  • Key board enter click works to change fields.

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