Advance CSS Flex box and CSS Grid Course in pashto

CSS Flex Box and CSS Grid Complete Course in Pashto

I started a new Advance CSS FlexBox and CSS Grid Course in the Pashto language if you want to learn about advanced CSS, CSS Flex Box, and CSS Grid then you can join this journey and learn about advanced CSS properties. In this course, you will learn new things some are listed here.

  • CSS Flex Box
  • CSS Grid view
  • Web Fonts
  • Animations
  • Media Queries
  • Image filters
  • Responsiveness
  • CSS prefixing
  • And much more….

Why to learn advanced CSS?

The main advantage of learning advanced CSS properties and gird layout is that to optimize website efficiently. If you use the old technique like floats or tables for layouts, it will make the website slower. For the good performance of a webpage, there is a need for good code. So learning these advanced properties will help you in two main tasks. 1) To make a website fast. 2) To save time in development.

CSS Flex Box and CSS Grid with real world project

We will learn CSS Flexbox and CSS grid view with real-world projects in the Pashto language. In this course, you will build a food recipes website named Food Bench.

Advance Css flex box and css grid course
Home Page

You can download the source code of the project from GitHub:

Visit the Complete course playlist on YouTube:

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You Can ask questions any time in the comments section or on my Facebook Page. Hope you will learn new things in this course.