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How to Add your Business to Google My Business

Google my business is the opportunity for businesses to grow online. Every business wants to grow fast and catch more audiences. So for this purpose, Google provides a through which anyone can register their business and reach the targeted audience.

What are advantages of using Google My business

There are a lot of advantages of using Google My Business, but I will mention some of them here.

  • Rank the business in search engine
  • Helps in local SEO
  • Adding business to Google map
  • Get reviews from your customers

How to register in Google my Business

The process is too simple and there is no need for rocket science. So open the browser and type Google my business or click on this link.

Google my business front page dot code

Then click on manage now, form there search for your business name, if you find it in result then claim it and if you didn’t find it then register a new business with that name.

Search business in Google my business
Search business

So for registration, add business name and Business category. Select the right category which matches your business nature to rank top in results.

Selection of business name and category

After the selection of the category, the next option is to select the location of the business, if your business has some location, you can add that.

Adding location of business

In location, there should be a need for the address so add your business address in the given form.

Adding address to business

When the user enters the address of the business, in the next step there will be an option of adding location on map. Find the location of your business on the map and put the red pin there. So that if can add your business to Googel map.

Pointing location on Google Map

There are some other steps that can be added of adding location. Which are listed here.

  • Adding delivery option, if your business provides delivery services
  • Contact details of business, like phone number, website, and email, etc.
  • After adding phone number, you will receive verification code on your phone through sms, you have to add that verification in the registration form.
  • Then select business hours of your business.
  • Also there will be option of adding shop description, logo and other images.

So by following these steps, your business is now added to Google My Business and it will help you to promote your business.

Business is added to Google

Watch video for further guidance