IS Dogecoin Legal in Pakistan

Is Dogecoin legal in Pakistan

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency but the question is whether Dogecoin is legal in Pakistan or not. Let first talk about Dogecoin, the short history of Dogecoin.

The idea of Dogecoin was presented by Jackson Palmer as a joke about cryptocurrencies. The idea was getting favor from the community and the software engineer Billy Markus liked the idea and he made some changes in the code of Bitcoin and introduced the new currency.

Now the question is that is Dogecoin legal in Pakistan

Like other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Dogecoin is also a cryptocurrency. So the orders are all the same for Dogecoin which are for other cryptocurrencies. In the past couple of months, people who invested in Dogecoin got 10,000% of profit. But then the market went down and buyers lost a lot of money. Hope the question is now clear whether Dogecoin is legal in Pakistan or not.

Is it safe to invest in Dogecoin

These are a lot of problems with Dogecoin so it is not safe to invest in Dogecoin. The main problem is that it was developed as a joke and it’s still a joke so there are more chances of losing money. The main thing about crypto currencies is that they are secure but during investment in cryptocurrency there should be strong knowledge of its market and value. Do some research about its market value and its future prediction so that to avoid loss in investment. Some people earned from Dogecoin but most of the people also lost money because they were now aware of its future prediction and they were just blindly following others.