Learn PHP with Sports Events Website in Pashto

Learn PHP with Sports Events Website in Pashto

Learn PHP with real-world projects and their implementation. PHP is one of the server-side programming languages. With the help of PHP, we can develop effective websites.

In this article, I am glad to tell you about my new videos series on Youtube, from which you can learn PHP. You will learn PHP PDO by developing Sports Events Management System. The course recording is available in the Pashto language.

Pre requisite for this learn PHP course

  • You must have knowledge of HTML CSS. If don’t have HTML CSS knowledge, checkout my HTML CSS course on Youtube.
  • Bootstrap is used for front end. If is not necessary but recommended that you have bootstrap knowledge. Here is my course on Learn Bootstrap in Pashto.
  • Some basic knowledge of PHP.

Road map of the learning PHP PDO

The road map of the learning is here. First, we will be building the static template in Bootstrap and then we will convert it to dynamic PHP.

  • Bootstrap installation
  • Creating Dashboard
  • Creating other pages templates
  • Adding modals
  • Adding Javascirpt to make edit modals dynamic
  • Converting static template to dynamic
  • Adding Games
  • Display All Games
  • Delete Game
  • Edit Game
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Making other pages dynamic.

Download Files

Here is the design PDF to download and also the code to download.