Create Blog Website in WordPress

How to Create Blog Website in WordPress

To create blog website in WordPress is an easy task. In this WordPress course this is the first real world project we are doing for learning WordPress. In this and some of the upcoming articles you will learn how to create your own blog in WordPress.

Why first create blog website in WordPress?

Before this we learned about permalinks in WordPress and now we are going to create blog website in WordPress. The main reason is that everyone is familiar with blogging and this is an easy task to create a blogging website in WordPress. So that it will be easy for those who are new to WordPress to learn it easily and fast.

What is blogging website?

Blogging website is the type of website where experts write different posts and articles about different topics. There are a lot of blogging websites, the one you are using right now is also a blogging website and the content which you are reading is a post or article.

The purpose of a blog type website might be to provide informative content related to any post or some academic stuff or might be related to some entertainment posts. 

There are a lot of advantages to blogs. People find solutions to their problems through different blogs.

What you will be learning related to blogging website in WordPress?

In this article videos and some of the upcoming articles you will be learning everything that is important for a blog website. Most of the content will be in video form and you can find that on my YouTube channel. 

The main topics we will be covering are given below.

  • Install Theme
  • Customize Theme
  • Install required plugins
  • Import demo content
  • Add Pages
  • Will be adding Posts
  • Add menus
  • Add Contact form
  • Manage comments
  • Add guest posts
  • Optimize speed
  • Adding google analytics

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