What is hosting and domain

What is Hosting and Domain

Some beginners may be confused about What is Hosting and Domain. For online business the website is the first thing that should be needed. Then for website development there is a need for different tools and things.

The answer to the question of ‘What is Hosting and Domain’, Hosting and Domain name are fundamentals for website building. In simple words the hosting is the computer or server on which the website is running and domain is the name of the website.


Hosting is a server which runs 24/7 and serves the website on the internet. Users can set up their own servers for the website but it costs a lot and needs maintenance, so it’s difficult to manage their own server. The alternative is that there are a lot of companies which are providing server space with different packages. There are some free hosting also available which provide free hosting for practice purposes. 

Different Hosting Companies

There are different companies which provide hosting services and they have different plans. Here is the list of some popular companies.

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hosting dotcode

Some Free Hosting

There are some companies which provide some free hosting with limited features. These hosting are for practice purposes and not for business use. 

  • 000WebHost
  • AwardSpace
  • InfinityFree
  • Wix
  • ByteHost and much more.

Domain Name

Now the second question is What is Domain, so the simple answer is that its the name or address or your website. There are over 1.7 billion websites on the internet, so how will you find the correct website? There should be unique names through which your website differs from others like Google has unique name google.com this is a domain name. As our blog has a unique domain name dotcode.site and so one. 

You will never see that user type google.com in the URL bar and they sees Facebook or some other company website.

There are different companies which provide domain names some of them also provide free domain names like freenom.com.

How to choose domain name?

Decision of choosing a domain name should be taken carefully. It lies in the category of SEO and there are experts who suggest domain names but you can also do a little research and can choose a domain name. Some of the major tips are here.

  • Easy to memorize
  • Match business name
  • Top level extension
  • Avoid Hyphens ( – )
  • Keep it short
  • Try to make it unique
  • Avoid using double letters

Parts of Domain name

There are different parts of domain names which are illustrated clearly in the below image.

domain parts
Domain Parts/Structure

This was all about domain and hosting, if you have any question or suggestion leave comment or contact through email. And stay connected with this WordPress course. Thanks!

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