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Customization of Blog Home Page – Astra Theme

Customization of blog home page is our next task. Before this we learnt about importing demo posts from the WordPress website and now we are going to customize our website home page. Task we are doing in this and some upcoming videos will be to design our website home page. Some tasks we will be covering are mentioned below.

Task do in customization of blog home page

  • Create Home page
  • Setting it as landing page
  • Create blog page
  • Install classic editor
  • Use Gutenberg page builder
  • Practice different sections development
  • Know about WordPress short-codes
  • Page options during publishing

These are some main points which we will be covering. We will also cover some other things and hope you will become familiar with use of WordPress page builders. Here are some things to know before customization of blog home page.

What is landing page

Landing page is the main page of a website which can be accessible to users when they visit the website. Most of the landing pages have no slug but they are accessible on website domain names. The other name of the landing page is home page or index page.

Why use landing page

As you know, “First impression is the last impression”, so if your website home page is attractive and good looking then the visitors will make a good impression. Always try to make the landing page clean and professional and make good navigation on it, so that users can easily access other pages and posts.

What is Gutenberg and classic editors in WordPress

The other thing which we should know about Gutenberg and classic editor. In the starting days of WordPress there was only a classic editor and it was a simple one. It does not provide good options for editing in WordPress. In the below image you can see the classic editor as it has limited options.

Customization of Blog Home Page
Customization of Blog Home Page in Classic Editor

Gutenberg editor for customization of Blog Home Page

Now on the other hand there is now a modern editor in WordPress named, Gutenberg editor. It has advanced options and gives more visual options for editing. In the image below you can see it.

Gutenberg editor in WordPress
Gutenberg Editor

You will know more about customization by watching videos given below.

Watch detailed videos

First Section Customization

Blog categories section customization