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Menu in WordPress

Menu in WordPress shows navigation. Every good website needs to have clear navigation for the user to keep user experience better. The menu help user to navigate between pages, posts or other content easily. Website have menu available keep the user busy and make the website interactive.

Create menu in WordPress

To create menu in WordPress navigate to dashboard > Appearance > Menus. There you will find all the menus if you have one. If you navigate to Menus page for the first time there will be no menu present. So create one menu and with any name and add your pages and posts to that. For this demo I will create menu with name of main menu. From Menu setting option user can select the place where the menu should be displayed. The display location of menu depends on theme setting. For this demo I am using Astra theme which have follow options.

  • Primary Menu
  •  Secondary
  • Menu Off-Canvas Menu 
  • Logged In Account Menu 
  • Footer Menu

So after selecting your choice click on create

Menu in WordPress
Create menu

The menu will be created. Now add items to the menu.

One important thing!

One thing that is important about every WordPress page that if you are searching for some option and that is not showing, first check the screen options. If the option is uncheck in screen options then check it to make visible. The screen option can be fount to top right side of dashboard on every page.

Screen options button

For this example a am on menu page and some options that are not available in menu like adding tags to menu. So to enable it I will have to check it from screen options. Apart from this if I want to add CSS class to my menu item I can also enable that from screen options.

Screen options enable or disable
Enable or disable any option

Now I added some items to my menu and after saving these are now visible on front end of the website. And user can easily navigate to these sections.

Item added to menu
Item added to menu
menu frontend
Menu of Website

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